Heritage Rescue

A key activity of Vintage Kiwi is to encourage and facilitate the preservation of gliders important to the New Zealand gliding heritage. These can be classic glider types, one-off models, gliders that have flown significant record breaking flights, types owned by famous pilots, or just a trainer that as good as everyone has learned to fly on in the old days....

Our members play a vital role in locating, rescuing and restoring these machines. Collaboration with museums and other aviation organizations often see these gliders literally being saved from the bonfire. See below for a brief summary of the various rescue projects around the country, and follow the associated links for further information.

The list is continuously growing and year by year more of these restored gliders are to be admired in museums and even more often to be seen in the air, flown by VK pilots and enthusiasts.


The Vintage & Classic Glider Club of New Zealand Inc