The Hall Cherokee ZK-GBT

With out each other knowing, several Vintage Kiwi members had been emailing, calling each other and independantly working towards saving New Zealand's first post war glider, the Hall Cherokee ZK GBT, from a promised bon fire, the potentual end result of it being stored for too many years with in a polytech's utilitys garage. This very historic glider had now become nuisance value only it seemed.

Now acting as a team BT's true were abouts with in the Hamilton Polytech's campus was found, so Stu Rogerson, Les Riesterer and Roger Brown took off with two trailers to slavage this potentual aeronutical kindling wood, as the Polytech made it out to be.

As one can see from the photos the glider was in good shape indeed , so was duly loaded into the trailers for the drive back to Matamata

On inspection back at Matamata it was found to be not airworthy, but sound enough to make into a very good aeronautical museum display item.

After some good spit and polish and general tidy up work it was already to be sent by road to the Classic Flyers Museum at the Tauranga airport she is now proudly displayed on behalf of Vintage Kiwi.

Original Story by Robert Smits.

Up dated by Roger Brown

Photos - Roger Brown


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