The Vintage Kiwi Team

Why join VK ?  We are passionate about preserving the simple Golden Age of Gliding and we organize various events and rallies for like-minded owners of classic, rare, or Vintage gliders.  We aim to have a family-friendly environment where we can enjoy the magic of soaring like a bird, but also take time out with our partners or children during rallies to do fun stuff.


Roger Brown provides overall guidance on all VK activities as well as assisting in the publishing of the VK magazine and organizing of VK rallies at a local and National level.

Mob: 027 474 4050  Tel: 07 888 4252

VK Magazine Co-Editor and Webmaster

Derry Belcher compiles and edits the VK Magazine along with looking after the VK Website.

Peter Layne and Roger Brown help with editing the VK magazine.

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