The Vintage Kiwi Team

Why join VK?  We want to help preserve the simple Golden Age of Gliding.  We organize various events and rallies at various locations in NZ for like-minded owners of classic, rare, or Vintage gliders, aiming to provide the stimulus to keep old gliders airworthy, or finding final resting places for some of these in museums so others can enjoy seeing them in the flesh.  If you have a modern glider and would like to join our rallies for the simplicity and pure enjoyment, do so.  If you are an avid scale-modeler, either RC or display, here is a great place to meet like-minded people.  We aim to have a family-friendly environment where we can enjoy the pure (eco-friendly) magic of soaring like a bird, at new locations to where we normally fly from, and involving our partners or children during rallies to do other fun stuff.  Rallies are like a gliding holiday.

For your ticket to a new adventure, click on the membership form and join us for the next rally.


Roger Brown - President, oversees: Secretary, Membership,

Publications, Technical Matters, Historical/ Archivist

Mob: 027 474 4050  Tel: 07 888 4252

Robin Britton - Treasurer, Secretary, Membership

Rae Kerr - Rally/Events, Membership, Technical Matters, Co-Secretary

Peter Layne - Historical, Archivist, proof reader for VK magazine.

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