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Sad to hear that Joe Himmel passed away on 12th March 2018.

Joe restored the Slingsby Swallow he originally helped build from a kit many years ago and which is now on display at the Wings and Wheels Museum in Tauranga.

Joe used to tell me about learning to fly using primary gliders, and of fixing them if you managed to damage it during your turn.  This was where he met his wife, showing her how to mix glue…

Joe was a quiet gentleman and much respected.  Rest in peace  Joe.

After many years and memories with Mike and Jenny Smith, Slingsby T51 Dart 15 ZK-GDW is up for sale…

See the For Sale page for details.

Slingsby Dart 17; GEZ

Greg Douglas’s lovely Dart is now in the care of Greg’s long time friend, Rae Kerr.  Glad to see it will continue to grace our skies.

Jonathan Pote’s Ka6 GLX has been sold to Clare and Joseph Dickson and will remain at Whenuapai.